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Chemical and Oil spill kits

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We supply and install spill kits and construct hazardous goods containment areas.

A Spill kit is required to contain spillage in a spillage emergency. Spill kits contain materials that are necessary for cleaning spillages of chemicals, dangerous goods, hazardous or potentially hazardous goods.

Spillage of a hazardous or chemical goods must be dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure safety and to prevent contamination of the environment.

Spill kits are used in warehouses, laboratories, manufacturers, commercial establishments, and restaurants.

The three types of spill kits include:

  • Universal spill kits which are designed to absorb non-hazardous types of liquids. The materials in the kit are ideal for absorbing water, coolants, antifreeze and solvents.
  • HazMat spill kits are designed to absorb acid spills and other caustic and aggressive liquid chemicals. The kit is durable enough that it can absorb water-based or oil-based liquids.
  • Oil only spill kits are equipped to handle grease and oil-based liquids. The white-colored absorbants may be used on hydrocarbons, fuel, and other greases. Oil only spill kits repel water, which is why they are highly recommended for absorbing oil spills on bodies of water.



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