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Fire Signage and Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Fire Lighting

Our Emergency lighting provides mains powered and battery-operated lighting that is specifically designed to illuminate during an emergency situation or indeed any situation where the power fails.

It is a requirement for the majority of publicly-accessible buildings, including retail premises, leisure facilities, offices, schools and colleges, as well as for multi-occupancy residential premises, such as high rise flats.


Fire signage

Our SANS 1186-1 : 1997 approved fire safety signs are crucial in order to indicate the position and location of fire-fighting equipment. It is important that all buildings are equipped with directional safety signs as they direct occupants to emergency exit points and evacuation routes during emergency situations. Our Photo-luminescent safety signs are an immediate light-source in the event of darkness due to power failure.

Our associated services include:

  • Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEP)
  • Symbolic Safety Signage
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Procedure Plans

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