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Fire Hydrants

We service, supply and install Fire hydrants A fire hydrant is a connection point by which fire fighters can tap into a water supply. It is a component of active fire protection During operation, Fire Hydrants require regular inspection and occasional maintenance to ensure that they will work in an emergency situation allowing the fire brigade [...] read more

Fire Design & Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEP)

Building Layouts We design building layouts in compliance with the requirements of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No 103 of 1977 and Fire Protection as set out in SANS 10400 Part T: 2011. Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEP) We develop Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEP) showing actions to be taken in the [...] read more

Fire Risk Assesment, Compliance & Safety Training

We evaluate the factors that determine fire hazards, the likelihood of fire and the consequences of fire. We provide compliance certification, training on fire risk identification, fire avoidance and use of fire equipment and first aid training. Our services inlcude: Regulation Fire First Aid kits Basic Fire Training (Level 1 & 2 Fire Marshall Training [...] read more

Fire Detection, Suppression & Extraction

Fire detection and suppression systems are designed and installed to monitor and provide early warning about a potential fire outbreak. Early warning provides occupants with the opportunity to evacuate the building  reducing the risk of injury and death. In addition, fire fighting can commence early preventing further spread of the fire and protecting the property [...] read more

Fire Signage and Emergency Lighting

Emergency Fire Lighting Our Emergency lighting provides mains powered and battery-operated lighting that is specifically designed to illuminate during an emergency situation or indeed any situation where the power fails. It is a requirement for the majority of publicly-accessible buildings, including retail premises, leisure facilities, offices, schools and colleges, as well as for multi-occupancy residential [...] read more

Fire Blankets

We supply and install Fire blankets which are compact, easy to install, and accessible. Fire blankets have excellent insulation properties and instructions should be read and understood before use to avoid serious injuries and loss of life. Fire blankets are suitable for fires that cannot be extinguished with water, ideal  for stove pan fires, electrical [...] read more

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